Regular Meeting 20th September 2021

Regular Meeting 20th September 2021

This was a “Catch up” meeting to sort out all the long outstanding administration issues which needed to be addressed as we have not met properly since January 2020 due to restrictions imposed on us because of Covid. 

At this meeting we were pleased to announce a large number of perspective Joining Members who wished to join us at the next meeting from November 2021. 

We were at last able to carry out an “Initiation” Ceremony for Craig. We were also able to welcome a new Joiner member, David, who has been waiting to join us since December 2019 due to Covid!

Installation Meeting 2nd November 2021

Due to Covid restrictions, we missed our Nov 2020 Installation Meeting so our Master continued in the chair since 2019 to support the Lodge. He was pleased to be able to install our new Master., Eli, at this Installation Meeting. 

We were also delighted to be able to welcome into the Lodge four new Joining Members Norman, Dmytro, Joe and Alistair. They were all included in the group photo.

A picture after the Installation, showing our Installing Master,  Keith welcoming our new Master Eli.

A Picture showing our new Master Eli sitting very comfortably in the Masters chair.